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By electing to build your home or extension as an owner builder you are undoubtedly looking to save money on the cost of construction.

We always recommend to prospective clients that the first step in the home building process is to have detailed working drawings prepared, so that you can then approach different builders or trades for prices, knowing that each is pricing on the same material type and construction method.
This holds true for both owner builders and for people who have selected a builder beforehand from recommendations etc.
It is very easy to get locked in, in some situations and the competitive edge can be lost from prices without having the correct documentation.

Owner builders need to have a knowledge of building construction and as importantly the time to organise trades and materials.
Generally most trades will look to increase their prices for owner builders, purely in anticipation of materials not being on site at the right time or other trades being put behind schedule and therefore holding them up.
Precise organising of trades and materials is essential if you don't want to lose the builders profit margin that you were looking to circumvent by building as an owner builder.

As well as providing detailed drawings ready for submission to local councils or to trades for pricing, we can supply a building schedule for your particular project.
This single sheet lays out, from start to completion, when to order and at what stage to have materials delivered; timing of trades; inspections etc.

Also available to assist Owner Builders is the AusDesign Estimating,Budgeting & Takeoff Worksheet.This 'Excel' based takeoff sheet includes a comprehensive list of Contractors, materials and fittings ranging from Architectural drawings through to boundary fencing.
To read more on the Worksheet & to order click here.

Contact us if you require further information on the services we offer or for any advice on building your next home.