Design & Drafting Fees

About Us

Unlike firms who charge an hourly rate or a price based on a percentage of the construction cost of a project, at AusDesign we provide a fixed price for our services before we proceed with your design.

As prices can vary depending upon the complexity of the design, it is not possible to be specific on pricing details until we have ascertained your particular requirements.
As a broad reference; for a 'normal' single storey home on a concrete slab or stumps, we are currently basing our prices on A$240.00/square. [ A$25.85/m2 ]

All our work including carports, extensions etc. is priced according to the particular project.
Some situations where prices may increase are if there is a need for Structural Engineer detailing on aspects of your design - such as may occur if some framing members required are beyond the scope of the Australian 'Timber Framing Code' or if your required foundation design type to suit your soil profile is outside the scope of the Australian Standard for 'Residential Slabs and Footings' due to site fill and the like.
Once again, after ascertaining your requirements and basic layout, we will be in a position to provide a detailed price for your particular project.
Our price will include the necessary drawings to lodge with your local council as part of your building application.

  • Detailed floor plan, fully dimensioned and notated.
  • Elevations drawing showing all 4 elevations with details.
  • Section drawing showing material types, spacings etc.
  • Structural details as necessary including bracing details.
  • Window Schedule with Lintel sizes and Studs at sides of openings.
  • Bracing layout
  • Foundation details
  • Slab setout or Foundation setout (as applicable)
  • Site plan
  • Structural notes with timber sizes and types, step details, smoke detectors, balustrading etc.
  • Thermal Energy Compliance documentation.

Please note that although formerly we have been providing our services to Clients throughout Australia we are now only providing full construction drawings for Clients within Victoria.

If you require any further information or clarification please contact me directly.

Peter Clarkson principal AusDesign