Floor Plan Database Information

About the AusDesign Floor Plan Database

The database contains a selection of new house plans and designs that have been created for Clients throughout Australia to suit varying situations, lifestyles and budgets.
Although your individual home design will be very much a culmination of your own personal requirements, these designs may assist you in the development of your ideas.

All home designs are available in 5 different formats, to suit your particular requirements.
  • Floor Plan Only designs emailed in PDF format.
  • Floor Plan Only designs emailed in PDF format plus Autocad DWG files.
  • Floor Plan designs plus Elevations emailed in PDF format.
  • Floor Plan Designs plus Elevations emailed in PDF format plus Autocad DWG files.
  • Working Drawings Set.  (full house plans)

All design formats are accompanied by a license granting permission for the purchaser to use the house plans or a modification of the plans for a once only personal use and to allow your nominated draftsperson or builder to produce final working drawings ready for building approval.
Upon purchasing plans Clients will be issued with a non exclusive license to use that design or a modification to the design once only for their own personal use. Bulk licenses may be issued upon application.

Copyright subsists in all designs and content in the database and none may be copied or reproduced in any form without written permission from AusDesign.
Small or large alterations to designs do not negate copyright protection and AusDesign will pursue any breaches vigorously.

Most house plans are designed for a brick veneer with tiled roof construction and can be readily modified to suit your requirements, ie timber clad with steel roof.
If you do not find a floor plan near to your requirements, contact us to find out details about our preliminary drafting service.

The 'Floor Plan only' format is generally selected by people who are in the early stages of deciding upon a layout for their new home.
As it is not usual to find exactly the right layout, shape or size of rooms that fit your needs with off the shelf plans, we have made this option available as a starting point from which you can develop the design and tailor it to suit your own personal requirements.

Plans are supplied on either A3 or A2 size sheets, depending upon the design, and include full dimensioning of outside walls, internal walls, room sizes, cupboard sizes, labelling of all rooms, door sizes, window sizes, kitchen cupboard and appliances layout, vanity units and basins, bath, toilet and shower locations.

In the 'Floor Plan Only plus .DWG' format the floor plan is supplied both as a PDF file and also in a DWG. file format. This allows for easier modification of designs by yourself or your designer saving time and money by removing the need for complete redraws of the design. All our designs are documented using AutoCad 2015 or Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004. Both programmes produce DWG files which can be read and altered by all reputable Cadd software.

The 'Floor Plan plus Elevations' format includes the 4 elevations of the home as it was originally designed, detailing ceiling heights, roof slope, roofing material, external cladding type and window type.
The facade of your new home can be designed and detailed to reflect the style of home that you are looking to emulate, whether it be a Victorian style home, a Tudor style or an ultra modern style. Although some floor plan layouts may be more suited to a particular style of home than others your Builder or Designer will be able to reflect the look you are after.

In the 'Floor Plan plus Elevations plus .DWG file' format the floor plan and Elevations are supplied both as a PDF file and also in a DWG file format.

The 'Working Drawings' are the main format for our online designs.
    All designs are configured to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and the residential timber framing standard A.S.1684 for non cyclone areas up to a N3 wind classified site.

Included in the set:
Floorplan - including full structural member list & general compliance notes.
Elevations - full elevations with relevant notations.
Section drawings - as required [min. 1] detailing framing members.
Bracing detail - full layout with location & type to suit up to a N3 catagory site.
Subfloor Layout - stump, bearer and joist layout for timber floor construction or
Slab Layout - For designs incorporating concrete slab construction a dimensioned slab layout is provided. All structural details of footing or slab designs will need to be provided by a Structural Engineer for your particular site or by the firm providing your soil test (Geotechnical Report)
Setout Plan - separate setout sheet for 'complicated' designs.
Window Schedule - including type, size, location, lintel stress grade and sizes over all openings and stud sizes and grades required at sides of openings.
     For brick clad designs all required brick lintel sizes over openings are included.

Not included.
Site specific information - i.e. Site Plan, Landscape Plan, Overlooking and Overshadowing details,
Energy Rating Certification - this certificate will be required as part of your Building Application and should be provided by a local State or Territory certifier.

Some Councils may require further information under local requirements. Check with your Local Council for details of the requirements for your particular site
Some Councils may require structural drawings submitted for Building Approval to be prepared or endorsed by a local state registered Building Designer .

All designs can be modified to suit your requirements. We will provide a detailed cost for any alterations before proceeding.
Fees may vary from several dollars to several hundreds of dollars depending upon the scope of the modification. Minor alterations such as the repositioning of a wall but retaining the original envelope of the design, may not involve any costs.
Contact us to discuss your requirements.