Solar Calculator

Enter the latitude and longtitude of the location you require. (default has been set for Melbourne)
Enter time zone - EST = +10:00, CST = +9:30, WST = +8:00
Enter Magnetic Declination - [ click here for chart ]- i.e. melbourne = 11°E, adelaide = 8°E, Perth = 4°W

In the report generated the 'Altitude' is the angular measurement of the sun and the'Azimuth Angle' is its angle taken from true north clockwise.
'HSA' = horizontal shadow angle... 'VSA' = vertical shadow angle. 

Location examples:  

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Magnetic Declination:  ° East West
Inclination of receiving plane to the horizon:   °    (e.g. 90° for vertical wall, 0° for horizontal plane)
 Output angles with respect to:  True North, or  Magnetic North
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Calculator programming by Asheshwor Man Shreshta