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Building Specifications

Building specifications form an integral part of your Building Contract with your Builder.
By creating a detailed list of items yourself prior to obtaining quotes from builders you will ensure that all parties are pricing on the same basis and not assuming items or omitting others.
It is not unknown for some Builders to include the lowest possible prices or quality of products when tendering for jobs and to be fair on Builders why would they price in, for example, a top of the range wall oven opposed to a run of the mill product when the aim is to come up with a competitive price.
As another example Builders will allow for in their quotation at least the minimum amount of tiling (or finishing product) that is required to go in shower recesses, around baths, vanities etc.
During conversations one Builder may pick up on the fact that you require marble tiling to the floors and 1200mm up the walls in the bathroom - the others may not.

A detailed list of items and fittings that you require in your home could prevent many headaches at a later stage.
Some items may not have been decided upon, but the more information you can provide the more accurate your quotations will be.



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