The Australian Dream Series


Putting it all together

The previous pages will have given you many items to consider, some straight forward and others that may have required careful consideration and discussion with all members of the family to enable a consensus to be reached.

The approach taken and the outcome will vary depending upon your individual wants, whether you are an investor, a newly married couple or an established family unit.
At the end of the process the design or design brief that you compile must not only address all your individual needs and requirements but as importantly should also be looked at as to whether it is maximising upon your investment and the resale value of the home.
Are there items that fit exactly to your requirements but are so individually different that you may restrict the market when you want or need to sell down the track?
Are there items that may be tempered or modified to still meet your requirements but will broaden the market of potential buyers?

Once you are happy with all the details of the layout and style of the design - there may be many additional items and aspects that you wish to discuss with your building designer - go back over your notes and sketches and see if they fully convey your ideas.
I would much prefer to receive a full page design brief on a master bedroom layout right down to even the proposed carpet colour rather than a client who says . . ."master bedroom towards the back of the house with enough space for a queen size bed".
Our Clients prefer it too when we 'hit the nail on the head' with the first or second draft and don't have to do 5 or 6 redraws and charge them accordingly !.

At your initial meeting with your building designer he or she may immediately point out some aspect that in their minds won't work. Don't be put off. Go into details on even the smallest of items until you fully understand the problem and are happy with any alterations that may be required. Don't make an on the spot decision until you are completely satisfied.

In closing this section, as we said at the start - too much knowledge is never enough and too much information is never enough. Don't be concerned about inundating your building designer with information, pictures or sketches.


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