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Sketch Drawings

Sketch drawings are an excellent way to convey your ideas to your Building Designer and should form a part of any design brief.
Together with a preferred floor plan layout, [ or several layouts ] a site sketch should be included showing relevant items such as trees or shrubs that you wish to retain on the site, the direction of views that you wish to capture and views that you wish to hide, the position of neighbouring homes together with approximate window positions and the location of any outdoor entertaining areas etc that you plan to incorporate on the site.

Your sketch drawing, as mentioned in 'Getting Started', can be as detailed as you are confident in compiling.
Some people may provide a rudimentary sketch showing basic preferences for the locations of rooms in relation to each other or to their position on the site to capture views and the like.

Others may provide a similar sketch in conjunction with photographs, cuttings from magazines or written descriptions.
"Lounge area - see picture number 1. We like these double doors leading into the family room and also the large glass windows with room below for furniture. Don't like the open fireplace will probably look at central heating. The colour scheme is exactly what we'll be doing throughout the house"
"Entry - double front doors the same as picture 2 "
"Family Room . . . . . . . . . . "

At the other end of the scale the sketch drawing may be as detailed as to show window positions and sizes, door locations, kitchen cupboard layout etc.
For example you may envisage placing furniture in a particular way and calculate that you will require x amount of wall space in a certain part of the room.
You may currently be living in or have seen a friends home with a particular configuration, window size etc. that you like.
Noting it on the sketch plan or design brief will ensure that your ideas are conveyed.
In preference to simply drawing in set items (such as window positions), an accompanying note on the sketch will help to ensure that whoever is detailing the initial draft will fully understand your requirements.



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