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Neighbourhood Character:


Having decided upon the general location that you wish to live in consideration should be given to the style and layout of surrounding properties as to whether they fit in with the type of home you will be looking to build.
The neighbourhood character of a location is in part determined by a culmination of the predominant characteristics of surrounding homes such as the type of building materials and colours used, the roof types and pitch, window and door type and proportions, façade detailing and also building setbacks and landscaping.
To maximise on your investment, your home should look like it belongs in the neighbourhood.

This doesn't mean that your home must be a clone of the surrounding homes.
At the same time it should not be so individually different as to stand out 'like a sore thumb'.
Constructing a 2 storey weatherboard home with an iron roof amongst a streetscape of single storey brick homes won't be a smart move.
Likewise an envisaged landscape of ferns and palms won't sit well with neighbouring open gardening of Australian natives.

It may be that the neighbourhood character is defined from a combination of totally diverse housing with a mixture of single and two storey homes, brick veneer, weatherboard, steep roof pitches and flat roofs with the uniting factor being as simple as deep setbacks of houses with large lawn expanses.

The decisions needs to be made -
Does the look of the streetscape fit with your envisaged development plans?
Is the neighbourhood character diverse enough to accommodate your individual style without it looking out of place?

Importantly, will the standard of the surrounding properties add to the value of your home or take away from it?

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