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Room sizes & layouts - Ensuite Areas

Ensuites and Bathroom layouts can be as varied as is the range of fittings and accessories that can be installed in them.

A foremost decision to be made when setting out your design is whether or not your Ensuite will also double as a Powder room for Guests.
If this is to be the case then it will be preferable to locate it so that Guests will not have to enter via the bedroom, or at minimum not have to traverse from one side of the bedroom to the other.

As the Ensuite is a room not in constant use there is flexibility with their location in that they don't necessarily have to be positioned on an outside wall of the home. Skylights or tube lights can be used effectively to provide light and ventilation and often add to the feeling of these often compact areas.

The size taken up by the Ensuite will vary from a minimum of 900mm. wide by 2400mm long (pref. 2700mm) - this will fit a standard 900mm*900mm shower base at one end, doorway in the middle with wall basin opposite and then the toilet pan at the other end - through to rooms large enough to include a spa unit, double vanities and a double sized shower base.
The choices are only limited by your requirements and budget.

As mentioned in the previous section there is a trend to have the toilet as a separate room rather than within the Ensuite, more so with a powder room type setup but increasingly with all configurations.

Building on from this, there is merit in having completely separated shower, toilet and vanity areas if space will allow, permitting separate usage of each area on those busy mornings.
This type of setup, with the overall extra required floor space, can be more expensive than an "all in one" layout but can create a very workable area and also bring a feeling of uniqueness to the design.
One example of this type of layout is shown at the bottom of this page. The original design was produced around 1986 and we have since then included it and variations in several designs since.
The layout won't fit with everyones ideas but does give food for thought.

Choosing the colours of your fittings will be an experience all in itself.
The picture above and at left show an Ensuite that we designed in 2001.
The owners were looking to create an impressive space with modern tones that would not date rapidly with changing styles. The first decision was to install pure white bath, basins, shower base and toilet suite (toilet and shower to left not shown in pictures) in preference to using bold colours.
White tiles were chosen to continue the neutral tonings with a narrow patterned border tile used throughout to lift the 'blandness'. The border tile can be readily replaced at any time to reflect current colour trends and to rejuvinate the overall look of the Ensuite without the need for a major retiling job.
Laminex for the vanity top, currently in black, was selected in preference to timber, marble or the like as it is a product that can be economically replaced and upgraded at any time.
Chrome for the tap fittings, door handles and shower screen surround was decided upon to build on the 'architectural' look and also because this type of finish will generally fit with any future colour scheme changes.
The appearance of the room can be readily altered by the changing of towel, face washers or floor mat colours and the like. - Bold red accessories can be changed overnight to subtle blues reflecting the season or the owners mood.

This presentation obviously won't fit with everyones ideas but it does illustrate the need to put a lot of thought into the finishes that you select for your Ensuite, Bathroom and Kitchen areas.
Many rooms throughout the home can be updated with sixty or seventy dollars of new paint colour.
Updating these areas with new fittings & tiling etc could feasibly set the budget back many thousands of dollars.




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