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Room sizes & layouts - Entries

The width of the entry will primarily be dictated by the size and configuration of the entry doorway, which can range from a standard single (820mm wide) feature door through to a variety of combinations - double feature doors with one as the primary opening door; single doors with single sidelights in varying widths; single doors with sidelights either side; double doors with sidelights etc.

Standard production sizes and configurations are readily available from all manufacturers.

Coats cupboards, if required, should be configured with a depth allowance of  600mm inside to outside.
Entry areas should be designed to include a doorway leading from the entry into the home, creating an airlock, to enable the control of air transfer.
External doorways facing into the weather should be protected by a verandah, porch or extended eaves.
Entry configurations as a whole will revolve around the layout of the home in relation to access points from the street, possible driveway locations and the like and should always be focused upon, after street appearance, as the point that will first greet and give a lasting impression to your visitors.Although not used greatly in day to day activities of the home, money spent in this area can be a good investment.

The diagrams below show the same basic floor plan layout with variations.

Entry door with sidelight looking through to a wide full height window overlooking fernery. Creates feeling of spaciousness bringing outdoor garden area inside.
Porched roof area protecting visitors from rain.
Sliding door to Living room area creates airlock to Entry enabling the control of warm air escaping during winter or hot air entering during summer.

Double entry doors looking through to solid (plastered) wall.
Mirror on plastered wall would accent the depth of the entry.
Lounge room door providing airlock.
A planter box in front of the mirror would add to the perceived depth of the room but would require the removal, or if possible, relocation of the doorway to garage (left) and the relocation of the Lounge door.

Focus initially to double windows presenting the fernery with vision then drawn towards the open Lounge area.
Possibly more appealing visually, but would in many cases receive a lower energy rating design due to the lack of an airlock to the Lounge





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